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UNEarned Inc. (short for “unearned income”) raises awareness on the importance of building truly passive income. As an original content creator, personal finance news aggregator, and provider of investing community tools to our subscribers, we help break through the clutter on passive investing vehicles.

Making the shift to financial independence can be overwhelming. Not everyone can work eleven hours at their day job, raise kids, and start a profitable business to reach financial independence while keeping up with all the financial news. It’s become impossible to watch hours of YouTube investing gurus, CNBC, read the WSJ, scan Bloomberg and get market alerts to stay on top of the best passive investments.

UNEarned Inc. writes and manually curates content for those interested in generating lifelong passive income. We then post the best stories, videos, and our own articles each month to help you on your journey to building multiple passive income streams.

What is Passive Investing News Curation?

News clipping goes back over one hundred years as a way for big companies to monitor their brand in the marketplace. Companies would pay service providers a fee to read and monitor all newspapers and press looking for any mention of their company name whether it was good or bad. This helped inform companies on their reputation and monitor what was going on in their industry.

We take a spin on that concept and monitor everything related to passive investing, curating the best stories and new ideas to help you generate multiple streams of passive income – the kind that doesn’t require you to start and manage a business for years before it’s profitable.

Investing Education

Learning about personal finance is a life-long journey. Investment products are constantly changing. Just ten years ago, no one was talking about cryptocurrency, now retirees are asking about meme coins.

We try to bring you the best material so that you have more time for targeted research and more time to learn new things – even if not related to investing.

We also talk about stock trading as a way to generate revenue for passive investments, but our primary focus will always be around generating unearned income.

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